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Portia J.

Los Angeles, CA

Yelp stars

"I definitely recommend this service and while I hope to remain decluttered, I married a packrat so I'm sure I'll be using Clutter again."

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5' x 5' (small closet sized)
$-- per month

12-month minimum

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5' x 10' (walk-in closet sized)
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10' x 10' (garage sized)
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10' x 15' (studio sized)
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10' x 25' (apartment sized)
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Need to know

  • Return deliveries are subject to availability and require 48-hour notice.
  • A non-refundable $100 deposit is charged 48 hours prior to your first scheduled appointment.
  • Labor for pickups and deliveries is charged on a per mover, per hour basis with a one hour minimum. We round to the minute after that. See our FAQ page for details.
  • Scheduling rules vary by region. See our FAQ page details.

Your online storage unit

Clutter photographs your items and provides an online inventory. Select the items you would like returned and have them delivered to your doorstep!

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